Improving Your Art Skills

Selling Your Art: Four Tips

Art may have been a hobby you've enjoyed for some years, but as more people seem to enjoy what you create, earning money from your work could be a possibility. It's not always easy to transition from a hobby to a business, but if you commit to selling some of your art, consider these pointers.

Seek Tax Help

Once you start making money, realize that as a person who owns a new art-selling business, you'll be responsible for taxes on that business. If you've not yet set up a business entity and aren't sure how much of your sales will go to taxes, seeking guidance from a tax advisor or accountant is smart.

In the meantime, you can take actions which will make filing business taxes easier. Separate the sales of your art and the purchase of supplies (your business income and expenses) from your personal expenditures. Open a new art business account, for instance. Keep receipts and track costs.

Consider Packaging

Your beautiful art is the reason that customers will buy it; however, because you're also running a new business, you have to consider their entire experience. Sending gorgeous artwork in plan brown boxes may be fine to begin with, but look for ways to enhance and beautify your packaging. Whether that takes the form of custom labels, brightly colored packing materials, or something else, remember that a buyer's experience starts when they see a package on their doorstep or in their mailbox.

Interact Online

If you're wondering "Who will buy my art?" understand that marketing your business and getting your work in front of the eyes of others is vital. A simple way to interact with possible buyers by using your own personality and photos of your work is to use social media in some way. You may start blogging and answering questions from viewers, or you may reply to other artists' posts and ask them to take a look at your work and share it with others. Be careful not to jump right into particular social media sites; spend some time "lurking" and learn the ropes so that your posts and comments seem genuine and not "salesy" or forced.

Take Time Off

You enjoy creating art; after all, that's the entire reason for the business. However, once you start taking on clients and creating new work to be sold, all your business activities can keep you very busy. It's easy to become exhausted and disenchanted with your own artwork if you overextend yourself. Schedule time to not paint or draw; plan fun activities that have nothing to do with your art.

Your art may be a way for you to fully support yourself one day. If that's a goal, take these selling tips seriously. Chat with fellow artists for additional guidance, or talk to a company such as Art Plode.